Car History

Car was purchased in September 2017 from the seller in Northern Ireland. In fact the car had been advertised on DoneDeal in summer 2016. At that time I travelled to visit the car and made an offer that was not accepted by the seller.

I was really surprised to find such an original car, to me it was something of a barn find, it looks better in the images than it does close up, but that is because it is 100% original. It appears to have stood in a time warp for 30 years, i can find no evidence of welding, which is astonishing for a 43 year old Fiat. And so eventually when the car was advertised on E bay in August 2017 i made the move and purchased the car. (August 2017 E Bay Ad)

I met the owner early one Saturday morning September 2017 in Coleraine Northern Ireland and took possession of the car. (Yes the car has a bit of trim missing on the rear quarter...i have the trim but i am looking for the clips). A drive of the car proved that the 40,000+ miles are original, the car is as tight as a drum.

124 Coupe Fiat

I then drove it myself a week later and you can see the images below in Rossnowlagh County Donegal Ireland.

124 Coupe

I asked the person i purchased the car from to tell me the history of the car and here it is;
The Fiat 124 was bought by the original owner and delivered to Dover, then shipped over to Jordan where he was stationed until he moved back to UK in 1985.
The car was MOT'd and driven a few miles before being stored at the rear of the garage. Through a friend of a friend I became aware of the car's existence in 2013. I met the owner and was given the offer of becoming the new owner.

After freeing the well seized brakes, she was pushed out of the garage & transferred home. I managed to get the new V5 just as Ballymena DVLA was closing down - another week & it would have been much more difficult to do with new situation from DVLA Swansea.

All fluids were changed, the head was de coked & new unleaded seals fitted, all water channels were back flushed, new timing belt & water pump fitted. The carburettor was overhauled, seats re covered, (the material of the originals had turned to powder!) Wheels blasted & powder coated, and she was started up for the fist time in 28 years!

She went to Kilbroney and a few other classic car shows, but needs to be used much more than the time I was able to give her, so the responsibility now falls to you - enjoy!